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WORKING FROM HOME GUIDE from Ophelia Alicksj (Founder and Designer of Crystal Haze)

1. What is your favourite Spotify track / playlist to listen to?
Everything Dua Lipa

2. Which piece of jewellery do you wear constantly, even when working from home?
Loose T-shirts and baggy clothes have become the standard, but jewellery makes us feel โ€˜dressedโ€™ and confident.

3. Any book recommendations?
Chicken soup for the soul
The Secret

4. What is your favourite piece of art at home?
Painted by Ebba, 10 years old

5. What do you do to relax?
Go for a walk, listen to 90s ballads and cook something good.

6. Do you have a favourite go-to recipe?
Bread + olive oil + balsamico = <3