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TOP 9 Jewellery Trends 2024

Trends in jewellery are only, at first glance a kind of Kantian thing-in-itself. In fact, if you take a closer look, you will see that jewellery trends result from the social and economic processes that take place in society. Next, we will talk specifically about the most relevant jewellery for today.

However, all these trends are the result of 3 significant phenomena:

1. Sustainable consumption.
2. Immersion in depth: psychotherapy, subtle laws of the world order, astrology, human energy bodies, tarot, etc.
3. Individuality and manifestation.

Now let’s see where that takes jewellery in 2023.

1. Bold and statement silver

After years of yellow gold dominance, silver is making a comeback. To some extent, this is due to the general trend towards sustainable consumption: we are tired of our gold-plated jewellery losing its appearance and lying aimlessly in a jewellery box. Jewellery made of silver is almost eternal – it can be safely washed, cleaned, polished, and will again be like new.

Large jewellery with pure forms and a minimum of inlays become very topical. A perfect example of such edgy sterling silver jewellery is the heart earrings by Annika Inez or hoops and chunky rings by Jenny Bird.

Unique chic – wide silver cuff bracelets. It is an ideal option for those who love a laconic style in clothes. See how fashion influencers style these bracelets:

Trend: Bold and statement silver
Trend: Bold and statement silver
Trend: Bold and statement silver
Trend: Bold and statement silver
Trend: Bold and statement silver
Trend: Bold and statement silver
Trend: Bold and statement silver
Trend: Bold and statement silver

2. Pearls

— “Also, pearls have been extremely popular in the last two years and continue to be”.

Konstantina Pantelous, Hermina Athens Founder/Designer

On the photo: Hermina Athens Pearl Earrings

Pearls still remain with us, its presentation has changed a little. Now large pearls are encrusted with small stones or just metal. Also, pearls are now very actively combined with other precious and semiprecious stones or even bright synthetic materials.

Another story is about pearls on men (mostly young). It is already a massive trend that will obviously live for a long time because it is simply gorgeous.

Does this mean the traditional pearl in the classical reading is no longer relevant? By no means! Quality pearls are a perfect classic that you will wear with pleasure throughout your life and then pass it on to your granddaughters in a jewellery box.

By the way, see how interestingly classic jewellery is combined with more modern items. By the way, the ring on Leandra is from our beloved Paola Sighinolfi.

Modern Edge Tahitian Pearl Maxi Drop Earrings 7704 USD. Margot Fox
Modern Edge Akoya Pearl Maxi Drop Earrings 7704 USD. Margot Fox
Forever Classic Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings 1016 USD. Margot Fox
Demeter's Hope Leaf Pearl Drop Earrings 127 USD. Margot Fox
Pearl Stud Yellow Gold Earring 277 USD. MOSUO
Pearl Yellow Gold Bracelet 309 USD. MOSUO
Pearl Yellow Gold Necklace 533 USD. MOSUO
Paloma Pearl Earrings 535 USD. Nayestones
Julia Double Pearl Yellow Gold Ring (left) 909 USD. Nayestones
Louise Pearl Gold Earrings 470 USD. Nayestones
Tina Pearl Gold Earrings 577 USD. Nayestones
Gold Stud Pearl Earrings 155 USD. Nayestones
Gold Stud Pearl Single Earring 155 USD. Nayestones
Small Lina Gold Earrings with a Pearl And Diamonds 492 USD. Nayestones
Pearl Silver Ring 294 USD. Nayestones
Infinity Gold Earrings with a Pearl 813 USD. Nayestones
Double Pear Pearl Ring 722 USD. Nayestones
Curl White Gold Pearl Ring 465 USD. Nayestones
Curl Yellow Gold Pearl Ring 465 USD. Nayestones
Venus Gold Hoop Earrings With Keshi Pearl Charm 130 USD. Amadeus
More Pearls

3. Natural Crystals

The growing love for natural stones can hardly be called a fashion trend because they are unlikely ever to leave our lives. And if 10 years ago, for some reason, we ignored all stones, except for precious ones, and considered them to be grandmothers, now justice has been restored.

Today’s trendiest fine jewellery brands pair diamonds with affordable minerals like malachite or quartz, inventing new shapes and combinations.

Added fuel to the fire and the availability of information about minerals. You have clearly heard that Paraiba tourmalines or red spinel mahenge have grown in price by 30-60% annually in recent years. And here, the concept of “investing in” is much more appropriate than concerning luxury sneakers or a jacket, which fashion magazines like to write about.

On the photo: custom aquamarine and beryl rings

In addition, natural stones perfectly embody the “less but better” strategy. Because natural stones, like precious metals, will stay with you forever and then pass on to your children and grandchildren. Accordingly, the attitude to these things is much more profound. So, for example, the astrological ring with a yellow sapphire for Jupiter by the author of this article is undoubtedly a favourite piece of jewellery, despite the simplest design.

In addition, the stones open up opportunities for a new game: the designer himself. Gemstones can be taken out of jewellery, combined in a new way and ordered new pieces with them.

A separate mini-trend is raw uncut crystals presented in their original form (often emeralds and even diamonds). But it must be admitted that only stones of not the highest jewellery quality (low purity, with abundant inclusions) are used in this way and without any investment prospects.

— “This season we launched a new line of chunky semiprecious stones, like lapis, onyx and agate carved in the shape of some of our favourite symbols and made into charms and rings.”

Konstantina Pantelous

4. Colours

—“Also color! Embracing every color of the rainbow in your jewelry.”

Amanda Thomas, owner and designer of Luv Aj

Coloured stones, bright enamel and even painted pearls – this year, colour in jewellery is more relevant than ever. Even in the jewellery of the affordable segment, the familiar transparent cubic zirconia is replaced by coloured crystals.

The affordable cost of many natural stones (topaz, natural zircons, quartz, aquamarine, etc.) also contributes to the popularity of coloured jewellery.

— “Colours will come and go but always come back at some point!”

Amanda Thomas

5. Cuffs

Cuffs are a great new shape that immediately elevates your look. They are brighter and more noticeable than the statement earrings that have already become commonplace.

The trend of multiple piercings is still fresh. Therefore, fashionistas with a million earrings in their ears, who not so long ago suffered, wait for the healing of their holes until they are ready to exchange them for ear cuffs. But if you haven’t had time to pierce additional holes in your ears yet, ear cuffs are just a gift.

Cuffs can be combined with earrings and piercings or worn solo. See how luxurious Hailey Bieber looks in cuffs.

“I’m a huge fan of ear cuffs. Over the past years we have seen multiple piercings really increase. I myself have several however the healing time can be exhausting so ear cuffs are a perfect solution to add style to your ears without the commitment or the pain. They give the illusion of a beautifully curated ear stack and can be worn comfortably.”

Andraya Kenton, Founder and Creative Director of Celeste Starre

Eternity Engraved White Gold Diamond Ear Cuffs 2354 USD. LOEV
Eternity Black Enamel Diamond White Gold Ear Cuffs 2354 USD. LOEV
Eternity Green Enamel Yellow Gold Diamond Ear Cuffs 2354 USD. LOEV
Eternity Pink Enamel Yellow Gold Diamond Ear Cuffs 2354 USD. LOEV
Eternity Pink Enamel White Gold Diamond Ear Cuffs 2354 USD. LOEV
Eternity Green Enamel White Gold Diamond Ear Cuffs 2354 USD. LOEV
Eternity Black Enamel Yellow Gold Diamond Ear Cuffs 2354 USD. LOEV
Eternity Yellow Gold Blue Enamel Diamond Ear Cuffs Pair 2354 USD. LOEV
Eternity Pink Gold Blue Enamel Diamond Ear Cuffs Pair 2354 USD. LOEV
Eternity White Gold Blue Enamel Diamond Ear Cuffs 2354 USD. LOEV
Plaka Ear Cuff 133 USD. Paola Sighinolfi
Petite Comete Pink Tourmaline Earcuff 588 USD. Nayestones
Petite Comete Gold Diamond Earcuff 930 USD. Nayestones
Moon Ellipse Pink Gold Small Earcuff 353 USD. Nayestones
Moon Ellipse White Gold Small Earcuff 353 USD. Nayestones
Moon Ellipse Yellow Gold Small Earcuff 353 USD. Nayestones
Petite Comete Silver Earcuff 144 USD. Nayestones
Leaf Ear Gold-Plated Cuff 43 USD. Hermina Athens
Leaf Ear Silver Cuff 43 USD. Hermina Athens
Aura Gold-Plated Ear Cuff / Ring 123 USD. Paola Sighinolfi
More ear cuffs

6. Layering

This is both a trend and craftsmanship as a manifestation of excellent taste. A single necklace looks not old-fashioned only in the case of a statement piece. Therefore, it is better to deal with the rules for combining different necklaces, especially since this selection process is full of joy and pleasure.

On the photo: Hermina Athenes necklaces stack
“I like having your 24/7 pieces you wear everyday and then layering some fun seasonal pieces over these as you dress up or go out.”

Amanda Thomas

7. Something personal

Personalization has been a big trend for many years, but right now it is very clearly embodied in jewellery. A necklace with letters or a name, engraved dates and initials on all types of jewellery, signs of the zodiac and stones of the month – this is just the beginning of the journey. With the development of conscious consumption, we are increasingly asking questions: “How much do I need this new thing?”. So we came to the new criteria for choosing jewellery:

1. How much does this jewellery express my essence?
2. Does it make me happy?

Therefore, we are no longer looking for the tenth hoop earrings, like J. Lo, but something completely unique and only our own. Obviously, the growing interest in metaphysics and subtle concepts of the world order has made the following questions incomparably more important:

1. What do the symbols on my jewellery mean? (By the way, we in Delagem describe the symbolism of almost all the jewellery presented here). How do these symbols affect my subconscious?
2. What kind of energy do metals and minerals carry in my jewellery? How does this energy affect my physical, mental and energetic health?

Therefore, the most trendy are:

1. Astrological rings that strengthen the planet that I need to strengthen with my personal natal chart and at this particular period of my life, considering planetary transits and my own goals.
2. Jewelry with natural minerals that affect my energy in the way I personally need. Right now, in this period of my life and with these tasks.
3. Jewelry with symbols that touch me personally.

For example, I do not have enough strength and aggression to realize what I want. In that case, I will choose a red coral bracelet that enhances the Martian energy and complements it with earrings and a ring with angular solar symbols.

Or vice versa, if I have worked hard for a long time and turned into a little robot, pearls, rose quartz and rings with soft, clean shapes will help me.

Or do I remember that in a past life I was a dragon and I feel a great inner resource in this? Great, I’ll choose a piece of jewellery that will remind me of my dragon past.

8. Candies for your Inner Child

It’s not that funny and rather infantile jewellery was not relevant before. It has been loved and popular for many years. But now, it has ceased to be a statement, an element of style or a protest. And they became …. just a full-fledged part of the jewellery wardrobe. Hearts and bows, cartoon characters, gummy bears, mushrooms and clouds – all this goes well with diamonds in white gold and classic pearl studs.

On the photo: Celeste Starre bracelets

9. Body Jewelry

It is difficult to say whether this is a trend or already a familiar approach to accessoring. However, your ankles and waist will also be happy even with a simple thin chain.

Moreover, it is already customary to wear anklets not only on the sea coast but also in winter over a woolen sock.

On the photo: Hermina Athenes body jewelry
Giselle Pearl Bracelet and Anklet 105 USD. Shyla
Take Me to the Bungalows Golg-Plated Oval-Link Chain Anklet 55 USD. Luv AJ
Priya Gold-Plated Snake Chain Anklet 85 USD. Jenny Bird
Priya Silver-Plated Snake Chain Anklet 85 USD. Jenny Bird
Rae Gold Tone-Dipped Brass Anklet 100 USD. Jenny Bird
The Mercer Gold-Plated Snake Chain Anklet 38 USD. Luv AJ
Harvey Silver-Dipped Brass Anklet 127 USD. Jenny Bird
Harvey Gold Tone-Dipped Brass Anklet 127 USD. Jenny Bird
Maren Silver-Plated Anklet 85 USD. Jenny Bird
Maren Gold Tone-Dipped Brass Anklet 85 USD. Jenny Bird
The Mercer Gold-Plated Snake Chain Belly Chain 85 USD. Luv AJ
The Suganami Set of Two Gold-Plated Figaro Chain Belly Chains 101 USD. Luv AJ
Take Me to the Bungalows Gold-Plated Belly Chain 101 USD. Luv AJ
More ankletMore body jewelry

And what out?

— “I believe super oversized pieces as well as acrylic styles had a moment and are now no longer in demand style pieces.”

Andraya Kenton

— “What trendy jewelry of past years is no longer relevant? Shells… we’re on to the next!”

Amanda Thomas

— “Sparkling diamond jewelry like hoops or small charms are not so relevant at the moment.”

Konstantina Pantelous

10. Country differences

As we work in different countries, we see how unevenly the trends enter individual markets. So, for example, in the USA and Britain, for several seasons, buyers have been actively looking for beaded necklaces and bracelets, but in Germany and Switzerland, we could not even find similar terms or requests. At the same time, we see a growing trend in these countries – “bunte kette”, which can be translated to English as “bright coloured necklaces”, but nobody is looking for it in the UK or USA. In other countries, we do not see such interest.