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How and Why Lucky Symbol Jewelry Works

There are 3 types of jewelry that can be considered lucky, and they work in very different ways.

  1. The Power of Collective Unconscious Symbols

    These are shamrock, mano fortuna, evil eye symbols, and so on. The stronger these symbols exist in the collective unconscious of a specific social environment, the more effectively they work for an individual. For example, in my country, Ukraine, evil eye symbols are virtually unknown, so they are unlikely to have an effect. Instead, jewelry like a pendant with a Christian cross holds significance for us. In such cases, the collective unconscious influences reality through a person, tapping into one of the deepest and least recognized layers of their personality.

    Without the support of the collective unconscious, the symbol itself will not be effective. For instance, such jewelry will not bring good luck to animals.

  2. Personal Subconscious Associations with Luck

    Some symbols are associated with luck in an individual’s subconscious. For instance, my grandmother had a lucky ring that always aided her in crucial matters, a belief I’ve held since my early years. This ring is linked to good fortune in my subconscious. If my grandmother passes it down to me, it will work for me as well, but it won’t have the same effect on others. Similar, lesser-explored principles apply, wherein our subconscious shapes the events in our lives.

  3. Jewelry as Conduits for Powerful Energies

    Objects that harness potent energies operate based on objective physical laws. One prime example is astrological rings adorned with natural gemstones. These gems are individually chosen according to a person’s birth chart and current astrological period, as the same stone can bring luck to one person and be disastrous for another. The stories of “cursed stones” like the Hope Diamond, the Delhi Sapphire, the Koh-i-Noor, etc., serve as evidence that they work irrespective of one’s belief in them.