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9 Questions for Crystal Haze Founders on How to Start a Successful Jewellery Brand

1.What’s the story behind Crystal Haze?
The story behind Crystal Haze started in 2014. We were lunch buddies working in a fashion department store in the city center of Oslo. We decided to go to New York together for a girls trip. On the trip we met a woman that was selling her jewelry on a table on the side of a street in Soho. We passed her everyday and everyday there was something new on her table. It was inexpensive fashion jewelry, and we ended up buying a lot from her. When coming back to Norway, we kept on wearing her jewelry and was shocked by the quality and the durability of her jewelry. We went back to NYC together later the same year and met her again, she thought us the basics of jewelry making and she pushed us to create our own pieces. This became a hobby since the first day we got back to Norway. From that trip and until 2017, coincidences happened along the way which made it impossible for us to ignore the fact that we found a dream together that we had to see come alive and with this we founded Crystal Haze in 2017.

2. What are your inspirations for your collections?
We are inspired by old movies, family, childhood memories and natural beauty.

3. What does a typical day at the studio look like for you?
Right now before Christmas, its very hectic. We do everything ourselves, its just the two of us managing all orders via customers and retailers. We pack all our orders with handwritten notes and often do personal door deliveries to customers in the city to show our appreciation.

4. Where is your jewellery sourced from?
We source our jewellery from all over the world depending on what we would like to make. What ever idea we have in our head we will do everything we can to make it work.

5. How have your previous roles helped you prepare to start your own label?
We have wide experience in customer service, fashion, buying and management. This has helped us understand customer behaviour and also how the market works in fashion. The lack of fashion jewellery in retail was something we were always craving.

6. How does living in Norway inspire your designs?
The untouched and beautiful nature inspire us a lot. The rawness of the nature and the fresh air is something we always use as a go to for meditation when the stress of living in a city gets to high. Here in Oslo, the forrest is only 20 minutes away and its really easy to seek a small break in a hectic lifestyle.

7. What inspired you to start your own label?
Everything happened really organic. We were always buying and shopping jewelry more than anyone we ever knew. We learned by coincidence how to do basic jewelry design in 2014. After years of doing it as a weekend hobby we started our own brand to see if there was any interest in 2017.

8. Have recent events made you reconsider your approach to resourcefulness?
We have been very fortunate to be able to see our business and dream grow during such a difficult time like this year. As an entrepreneur you are always scared of the “what if” scenarios. We are used to always think about the worst case scenarios to prepare ourselves. With slower pace in production we have been forced to think even further ahead and make a stronger business plan for our brand.

9. How much does sustainability mean to Crystal Haze?
We have a desire to be as sustainable as possible. It is challenging to become a 100% sustainable brand which is our ultimate goal for the future. Crystal Haze is funded by savings and started out as a hobby, we hope to grow more in the same direction as we are now and be able to be more green and contribute more