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Ygieia Silver Turquoise Drop Earrings
Ygieia Silver Turquoise Drop Earrings
Ygieia Silver Turquoise Drop Earrings
Ygieia Silver Turquoise Drop Earrings
Ygieia Silver Turquoise Drop Earrings
Ygieia Silver Turquoise Drop Earrings
Ygieia Silver Turquoise Drop Earrings
Ygieia Silver Turquoise Drop Earrings
In Greek mythology, Hygieia, named after the Greek word for "health," was among the offspring of Asclepius, the God of medicine. Revered as the Goddess responsible for the well-being of both the body and the soul, she symbolized the importance of holistic health. Delving into the specifications of these remarkable earrings, the total length measures approximately 3.5 cm, while featuring a butterfly fastening specifically designed for pierced ears. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the materials used include high-quality Sterling Silver 925 and captivating Howlite semi-precious stones. It's worth noting that the semi-precious stones employed in these earrings are entirely natural, endowing each stone with its own unique shape. As a result, these earrings showcase an exquisite combination of timeless elegance and individuality.
BrandHermina Athens
MaterialSterling Silver
It is a durable metal for the base of jewelry, which perfectly holds its shape indefinitely. In addition, it is a precious metal that can be easily melted down into other products. Silver is hypoallergenic, does not change its color and does not stain the skin.
Plating typeSolid silver
The jewelry is made of solid precious metal, without coating. Nothing will peel off, nothing will change color. The piece can be safely washed and polished, it is absolutely waterproof.
Product packagingJewellery box
Height35 mm

About Hermina Athens

Fashion Designer Konstantina Pantelous developed a love for jewellery when she was young. She worked as a Translator for several years, but in 2012 she launched her own brand, which she named after her daughter Hermina. Hermina is the female version of Ares, the Ancient Greek God of War, and Pantelous uses handmade and traditional silver techniques to create exclusive jewellery that exudes power and success.
Hermina is a selection of timeless pieces influenced by a rich heritage rooted in Greek mythology and art.
All jewellery is handmade by Greek craftsmen. Now the brand is collaborating with several jewellers whose workshops are located right next to the Hermina studio in Athens.

We love Hermina Athens for the courage to ignore fashion trends, authenticity and bold talisman jewellery.

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Ygieia Silver Turquoise Drop Earrings

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