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Jungle Tiara Bird Ring with Obsidian
Jungle Tiara Bird Ring with Obsidian
Jungle Tiara Bird Ring with Obsidian
Jungle Tiara Bird Ring with Obsidian
Jungle Tiara Bird Ring with Obsidian
Jungle Tiara Bird Ring with Obsidian
Jungle Tiara Bird Ring with Obsidian
Jungle Tiara Bird Ring with Obsidian

Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Zirconia Ring with Green Obsidian

MaterialSterling Silver
It is a durable metal for the base of jewelry, which perfectly holds its shape indefinitely. In addition, it is a precious metal that can be easily melted down into other products. Silver is hypoallergenic, does not change its color and does not stain the skin.
Gemstonescubic zirconia, obsidian
Plating18k Gold
75% gold in composition. The other metals in the alloy provide it with strength and stability. Intense golden color.
Symbols and Influencewith Good Luck Symbols, with Mercurial Energy
Good luck symbols work when you think they are. Your favorite “happy” T-shirt will be much more effective than a rabbit tail if the body parts of dead animals do not please you. Therefore, even if the author has invested in this jewelry with a great intentions for good luck, ask yourself if you see this good luck in it. And what is your relationship with the luck figure in general? If your internal answer is yes-yes-yes, then everything will work)
Green stones (ideally large untreated emeralds, but moldavites, tourmalines and other green transparent minerals are also suitable) enhance the energy of Mercury. Malachite and other opaque minerals have some of the energy of Mercury combined with other planetary energies. Mercury governs the Signs Gemini and Virgo, so if any of them are important and manifest in your life, take a closer look at your relationship with Mercury. It is the energy of Mercury that is responsible for our ability to easily attract money, ideas, social connections and true friendship. Mercury also provides you with the ability to think quickly and easily analytically. Choose this jewelry if you need to enhance any of these areas of your life. The strongest and most direct influence on its owner is jewelry with large natural unrefined stones that directly touch the body.
Product packagingJewellery box
Height23 mm
Width32 mm
SKUAN02950 mm

About Misis

Misis was founded in Vicenza, the jewellery capital of the world, which absorbed various creative influences from the surrounding cities of Venice and Milan. Misis is not just a jewellery brand; it's a family whose love for jewellery has been passed down from parents to children. The founders, Bruno and Maria Esther Piacerico, have created silver jewellery since 1986. Later, their sons Claudia and Alberto, who received excellent training, contributed greatly to the company, enriching it with their skills, creative ideas and exciting design solutions.
In their workshop in Italy, the Misis team creates gorgeous jewellery with attention to every detail. They use semi-precious stones, sparkling enamel, silver and gold in their work to develop bright, original jewellery that can create a real thrill.

Why we love Misis:
The authentic nature-inspired design is like a breath of fresh air amidst the minimalism that comes from everywhere.


Jungle Tiara Bird Ring with Obsidian

299 CHF
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