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Eternity Pink Gold Engraved 4mm Diamond Ring
Eternity Pink Gold Engraved 4mm Diamond Ring
Eternity Pink Gold Engraved 4mm Diamond Ring
Eternity Pink Gold Engraved 4mm Diamond Ring
Eternity Pink Gold Engraved 4mm Diamond Ring
Eternity Pink Gold Engraved 4mm Diamond Ring

The LOEV Eternity ring features stunning lab grown diamonds and is made from recycled 18Kt gold. The ring is adorned with 1.3mm lab-grown diamonds encircling the entire band, contributing to a total diamond weight of approximately 0.5 carats. All diamonds exhibit near-colorless or better (DEFG) grading and very slightly included or better clarity (VS). Crafted from 5.5 grams of 18K recycled gold, the ring has a width of 4mm, and the number of diamonds, total carats, and gold weight may vary slightly based on the ring size. Its engraved gold texture adds a modern touch to this classic ring. Mix and match different band widths and colors to create a unique ring party with the LOEV Eternity collection. Whether worn on the index finger or stacked on the pinky, this ring is sure to make a stylish statement.

MaterialGold, Gold 18k, Rose gold
Gemstonesdiamond, lab-grown diamond
Weight5.5 g
Width4 mm
SKU222/ETEN4RN-RSG-62 mm

About LOEV

Launched in 2022, LOEV pioneers sustainable lab-grown diamond jewelry in Switzerland. This avant-garde brand caters to those prioritizing design, quality, and sustainability in fine jewelry. LOEV's commitment to sustainability is evident in its careful selection of partners, using ethically sourced materials and lab-grown diamonds, preferably created with renewable energy sources.

Sustainability is a pillar of strength for LOEV, emphasizing that staying true to one's values is the ultimate luxury. The founders, Niels Schaefer and Taryn Steinberger, advocate for mindful choices, encapsulating this philosophy in their motto: "Mind over Mined."

ab-grown diamonds, LOEV's cornerstone, differ only in origin from mined diamonds. Ethically sourced, they possess the same allure, sparkle, and composition but transcend rarity notions, ensuring peace of mind about ethical origin and reducing environmental impact.

At LOEV, the conviction is that lab-grown diamonds represent a substantial stride towards sustainable jewelry, particularly when produced using renewable energy. The brand embraces a modern societal ethos that strives to diminish humanity's carbon footprint, asserting that the resulting material is not merely the same but genuinely identical.

All lab-grown diamonds utilized by LOEV boast D-G color, VVS1-VS2 clarity, and certification from 0.5ct.


Eternity Pink Gold Engraved 4mm Diamond Ring

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