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Silver-Plated Rope chain
Silver-Plated Rope chain
Silver-Plated Rope chain
Silver-Plated Rope chain
BrandCrystal Haze
This is a special jewelry alloy that usually uses copper and zinc in varying proportions. Brass, unlike silver, is not considered a precious metal. However, it is much stronger than silver, because jewelry made from it is more wear-resistant.
PlatingSterling Silver
925 sterling silver is an alloy of pure silver with minimal inclusion of other metals that make silver more durable and resistant.
Plating typeSilver Plated
A layer of silver is applied to the base metal. Such products are more resistant to mechanical damage than pure silver. However, over time (from several years) the coating is erased, but you can always replate it
Symbols and Influencewith Venusian Energy
Diamonds (colorless and pink), large pastel crystals (aquamarines, zircons, light pink spinels, pastel tourmalines, pink and colorless sapphires, etc.) are manifestations of the energy of Venus. The contact of a stone (natural) with the body greatly enhances its influence. Artificial stones carry much less energy but also convey the mood you need. Venusian energy is both the ability to enjoy life and the process of enjoyment itself. Sensual contact with the outside world (starting from the sex and ending with the enjoyment of the results of one's own work) is provided by healthy Venusian energy. A person with a strong energy of Venus will attract the outside world: the attention of the right representatives of the opposite sex, financial resources and opportunities for self-realization.
Product packagingPouch
Length500 mm

About Crystal Haze

The brand Crystal Haze was founded in 2017 by Ophelia Alickaj and Sara Vlatkovic in Oslo, Norway. They both had a background in retail, so their common hobby turned into a full-time job. The brand's products are crafted from natural materials, including crystals and gemstones.
The brand's founders draw inspiration from their childhood memories, which still warm their souls to this day. Through their jewelry designs, they strive to convey the warmest moments from their childhood.
In each piece, the designers try to depict the playfulness inherent in children, but also to provide each item with qualities that make it wearable and let the owner of the jewel feel brave and beautiful at the same time.
Crystals and stones for Crystal Haze products are sourced from Brazil, while the chains come from Greece and Turkey. All of the supplier companies are family-owned and female work forces.

Why we love Crystal Haze:
The candy bears from the Nostalgia series, the brightly colored crystal jewelry are the perfect accessories to set the right mood.


Silver-Plated Rope chain

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