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Natural Pearl String with Gold-plated Bronze Fittings
Natural Pearl String with Gold-plated Bronze Fittings
Natural Pearl String with Gold-plated Bronze Fittings
Natural Pearl String with Gold-plated Bronze Fittings
Natural Pearl String with Gold-plated Bronze Fittings
Natural Pearl String with Gold-plated Bronze Fittings
String of 6 mm natural (AAA grade) knotted pearls, 24K gold-plated high quality bronze fittings. One size.
Bronze is an alloy of copper with a small amount of tin, which has been used for jewelry since ancient times. It is a durable metal with a warm hue, similar to gold.
Plating24k Gold
This coating will be 99.9% pure gold without any impurities. Such gold will be the brightest and most saturated color.
Plating typeGold Plated
A layer of gold is applied over the base metal. Over time (depending on the thickness of the coating), this layer will gently rub off. However, the decoration can always be recoated.
Symbols and Influencewith Lunar Energy
Silver, pearls, opals and symbols of the Moon are all manifestations of her energy. Strengthening the lunar energy will help you become softer, more relaxed, and improve your relationship with your mother and your own motherhood. The contact of the stone with the body greatly enhances its influence. In addition, it is the strong Moon in Vedic astrology that allows you to feel the hidden and gives intuition. The Moon embodies the ideal femininity, passive acceptance and fertility. You should not strengthen the lunar energies in yourself when the task is to get together and act energetically. And also when this energy is unhealthy in a person: there is strong emotional instability, borderline states, and tantrums.
Product packagingPouch and jewellery box
Length800 mm
SKUSTPB-2021-4 mm

About Rockah

Rockah is an independent Ukrainian brand dedicated to creating jewelry inspired by the aesthetic motifs of the ancient world.
It was founded in 2019 by Roxana Romanenko, who has experience and extensive knowledge in several fields at once: gemology, jewelry and luxury consulting. For her collections, Roxana strives to design and handcraft unique pieces, drawing inspiration from the Renaissance and the cultural heritage of humanity, which clearly shows a love of harmony, natural materials and the rich world of mythology.
All products of this brand are handmade using only natural metals such as bronze and silver, organic minerals including high quality freshwater cultured pearls of different sizes and shapes, coral and amber, as well as porcelain and terracotta. These are the materials that the most ancient jewelers used in their work. Through this, as well as through the use of traditional aging and patination techniques, the rockah. team pays homage to the world's most ancient jewelers.

The key idea of Rockah. brand is a philosophy of "slow fashion". Each year the company makes only one collection, giving priority to the eco-friendliness of its products. With such a pace of production, a design that avoids a lot of waste, and a small volume of collections, the Rockah. team is trying to reduce the amount of waste that pollutes the environment.
The brand uses materials obtained from environmentally friendly sources or that are suitable for reuse, and supports local experts.

Why we love Rockah: authentic design and innumerable meanings, total independence from fashion trends and especially for the earrings and rings with snakes.

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Natural Pearl String with Gold-plated Bronze Fittings

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